Spec Work


Feature | Crime Drama

Three separate stories of possible police misconduct or brutality across three different states lead the police, politicians, attorneys, and victims involved to either seek to expose and change the broken system or hide the fact that it’s broken.


Pilot | Crime Drama

The socio-political balance of a Brooklyn neighborhood on the edge of gentrification is threatened after a shocking shooting leaves the lives of an innocent teen, his older drug kingpin brother, and a conflicted property manager on a collision course with those responsible.


Feature | Drama

When the FBI raids a beloved pastor’s church, a young journalist is tasked with investigating his alleged corruption, which puts him at odds with the population the church serves.


Feature | Crime Drama

On the streets, he can get you anything you need (drugs, weapons, illicit items) but when a secretive organization wants an unusually high amount of automatic weapons, things take a deadly turn and the Plug must grapple with his role in the revolving cycle of the criminal underworld.

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